Ethical code for AKBAN practitioners

A practitioner maintains and develops a harmonious personal insight that binds thoughts, movements, and emotions. Practice frames this insight.

Above all technical achievements and as a concrete basis for spiritual development, a practitioner maintains and develops friendship with their fellow trainees. This application is fundamental and expresses humanity, concession of tangible achievements, and compassion.

Power (AKBAN's razor)
A wise practitioner is cautious and does not use power beyond what is needed. If there is a need to use power, it shall be done with wisdom, patience, and compassion.
Special attention should be used when in an advantageous position. Advantage points stem from force multipliers, physical strength, martial knowledge, the cohesion of fellow practitioners, and also from other factors such as money and social class.
Using power beyond what is necessary corrupts and distances the practitioner from what is dear. In Latin:
"Fortis non est ponenda sine necessitate"

A dedicated practitioner transcends difficulties and practices for many years.

A sensitive practitioner is attuned to themselves, others, and the environment.

An honest practitioner thinks sincerely.

A professional practitioner strives toward realistic and accomplished technique.

A responsible practitioner is obligated to uphold the responsibilities that come with the power of martial knowledge. These responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining their own well-being.
  • Ensuring the physical safety of their training partners.
  • Fulfilling their duties as a member of society.
  • Preserving and passing on humane and martial knowledge.

Exploring the Depths of Our Ethical Code

The AKBAN Ethical Code reflects the values and principles that define us. While the code itself is concise, the depth of meaning behind each point is vast.

In 2002, during an instructor's course, I explained my perspective of our ethical code, providing insights and explanations for each value. This lecture explored the unique nature of our code, its roots in ancient Ninpo resolutions, and the practical applications of these principles in our daily lives as martial artists.

For those seeking a deeper understanding of the AKBAN Ethical Code, we invite you to explore the full transcript of this enlightening lecture: