Boost Your Self-Discipline: The 30-Day Protocol

using messages and a friend for accountability

Starting a new habit is tough. Most attempts fail because we don't stick with it. That's where 'Protocol 30' comes in.

First, a word of patience. It takes time to do this simple exercise, usually much, much more than 30 days. Be patient with yourself. When I started it, I was surprised how strong the part in me that does not want to changeis. So, don't be surprised. If it was different then everybody could go on a diet, stop smoking or start training whenever they wished it.

You'll need a friend for this—your accountability partner. When you complete your daily action, you send them a thumbs-up emoji 👍. They reply with a handshake emoji 🤝. Simple, but effective.

Pick a quick, non-trivial physical action—something that takes 2 to 10 seconds. In AKBAN, many opt for a Tsuki step and punch or a single push-up. Any action works.

After doing the action, text your accountability partner a 👍. Whether they reply right away or not doesn't matter. This is your journey, but a responsive partner helps.

Keep this up for 30 days straight. Miss a day, and you start over. It's tough. Many in AKBAN take months to nail it the first time.

Life gets busy, and it's easy to forget. But with 'Protocol 30', you build consistency through accountability and repetition.

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