What helps and hinders training?

The following are points to overcome some difficulties during the first couple of months of training:

  • Constant habit and schedule.
  • Running slowly, according to tables of training, moderation is the key.
  • Sensitivity to pain and avoiding uncomfortable feelings.
  • Consulting a physician or a sports certified doctor.
  • Supervision over the quality, quantity and type of foods consumed.
  • Training in a group.

The following can disrupt your training

  • Strong willpower can cause you to exceed your recommended effort levels. Excessive willpower creates two separate problems: It makes one a slave to enthusiasm and causes orthopedic problems.
Watch out!

The orthopedic structures adapt slower than the cardiovascular systems. An improvement in fitness shall be felt almost immediately, this improvement is only partial and does not include the orthopedic structures. Do not be tempted. Not following the training table correctly will cause excess training, running too far or too long. If this happens, you will strain yourself; your knees, shin bones, ankle joints, etc. will suffer from all kinds of orthopedic problems and will either slow your advancement or stop your training completely.