Full contact 24 non-stop hours

Sparring, AKBAN 24

The "24" is an intense sparring marathon designed to push participants to their physical limits. We've successfully completed four of these events, but weather conditions forced us to cut two others short at around the 14 and 15-hour marks. Each event kicks off in the late afternoon and runs continuously until the same time the next day. Participants got a brief 5-minute break every hour for hydration, stretching, refueling, and quick medical attention. After the break, it was back to sparring with a new partner for another hour.

In 2003, we aimed for a spot in the Guinness Book of Records. To meet their criteria, we had notary witnesses, continuous video documentation, and took all the necessary legal and medical precautions. However, an unexpected November heatwave hit, and the event had to be terminated by the designated medical doctor. Several participants collapsed and required hospitalization, leading us to abandon that year's "24" after 15 grueling hours.

Our specialized fitness routine serves as the foundation for the physical demands of these events. While we continue to participate in marathons , the "24" remains the most challenging event we've undertaken.

There's no specific reason for engaging in such extreme events, other than the sheer exhilaration and sense of community accomplishment they provide.

Images from several AKBAN "24"

More ground Sparring, AKBAN 24
Getting ready for the AKBAN 24
Praying at dawn, AKBAN 24
A kick in the AKBAN 24, top of mount eithan
Hailstorm on the AKBAN 24 on mount Eithan
briefing before the 24
smiling medics before AKBAN 24
Giving bow, AKBAN 24
Ground fighting, AKBAN 24
Ground fighting, AKBAN 24
The start of an hour, AKBAN 24
Using the 5 minutes break to stretch, AKBAn 24
Preparing to strike, AKBAN 24
Sparring on the ground, AKBAN 24
Night falls on Mount Eithan, AKBAN 24
Rare heat wave, AKBAN 24
Mid-fall from Harai Goshi, AKBAN 24
tired at the 5 minute recess, AKBAN 24
Scratches and bruises, AKBAN 24
sparring, 2nd Night fall, AKBAN 24
Trying a submission, AKBAN 24
Veterans smiling at the end of AKBAN 24
More veteran smiling at the end of another AKBAN 24

Video of the AKBAN 24 that took place at 2012