What we are proud of

  • Values navigate the way, with professionalism taking a seat, echoing our credo: "Be a human being first, and only when necessary, a warrior."
  • Training, an endless cycle of repetition, unfolds week after week, year after year, decade after decade. "Training is not a choice," we have been frequently saying since 1976.
  • Testing and scrutiny occupy our training year as we subject each technique to the crucible of combat conditions. We question their efficacy and the intricacies of execution
  • Proficiency in communication begets better achievements. Only through a connected community of practitioners, capable of sharing insights and mutually assessing skills, we can embrace efficient and pragmatic skills in combat and conflict situations.
  • Learning is our essential. AKBAN's practitioners engage in lessons beyond the walls of the dojo, immersing in various martial arts. Such adherence to exploring aligns with AKBAN's ethos. The knowledge acquired nourishes our community through the AKBAN-wiki documentation, a library for veterans seeking perspectives. We welcome teachers of other martial arts to impart fresh perspectives and novel combat ideologies. Akin to the Ninjutsu ancestral roots, a tapestry of many distinct systems.
  • Safety, a long-held revelation, underscores our ethos. The price of training on the precipice of readiness is not cheap; stupid injuries can happen long before an imagined battlefield emerges. Thus, safety remains most important in our pursuit of training longevity.
  • Our safety is also in preparation, we use the one of the most moderate and sensible fitness programs to bring our practitioners to extreme fitness levels. AKBAN Ninjutsu is a tough martial art, in which full contact sparring is preformed every lesson. There's an extreme risk of injury due to falls and contact. We gradually prepare our bodies in order to accustom ourselves to the effort. We avoid unnecessary aggression in training combats. Maturity and physical conditioning are our safety net.