Obi Otoshi - Belt throw

By Yossi Sheriff

Obi Otoshi is a Judo throw that is classified as a hand throwing technique. During the Meiji Era, Obi-otoshi seemed to have been used in Randori practice, because we can find this technique in Gokyonowaza #3-6, which was set in the 28th year of Meiji. However, the 9th year of Taisho, the rule was revised, and Obi-otoshi was eliminated due to not being practical for Randori practice.

Video of Obi Otoshi

The knowledge and expertise of the above video are the courtesy of Yoel Libster.

Description of Obi Otoshi

The difference between Obi-otoshi and Sukui nage is that in Obi-otoshi you Grabs opponent's belt in the front with one hand pull and the other hand holds opponent on the hip in the back to scoop up. In Sukui-nage you use both hands to hold the opponent behind the hip to lift. There is a difference of using the right or left hand in the above techniques. But, the concept of scooping up and dropping are the same. So, Obi-otoshi can be considered as "using the belt Sukui-nage".

Grab opponent's belt in the front with your right hand (or left hand) and as you continue to pull, step behind opponent's right (or left). Hold opponent's hip from opponent's right side (or left side) and scoop up and drop. Many throws similar to this are considered Obi-otoshi.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Advanced level of expertise
  2. Low level of violence
  3. Medium level of violence
  4. High level of violence