Drop Morote Seoi nage - Kneeling shoulder drop

By Yossi Sheriff

Drop Morote Seoi nage is a Judo throw that is classified as a hand throwing technique.

Video of Drop Morote Seoi nage

The knowledge and expertise of the above video are the courtesy of Yoel Libster.

Description of Drop Morote Seoi nage

Take your opponent off balance by pulling in a straight forward motion or a right forward motion. Then, pick up your opponent's body on your back and continue pulling to throw him over the shoulder as you drop your one knee or both knees on to the mat.

Difference between Seoi-otoshi and Seoi-nage

These two techniques look alike. Seoi-nage : you lift up the opponent and throw. Seoi-otoshi : pull the opponent down and throw (at this time, one knee or both knees must touch on the mat)

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Advanced level of expertise
  2. Medium level of violence
  3. High level of violence