Kosoto gari - Minor outer clip

By Yossi Sheriff

Kosoto gari is a Judo throw that is classified as a foot throwing technique.

This throw requires precise timing from its user- as there is a small window of opportunity to use it in each step the opponent takes. The technique doesn't require a lot of power from its user as the opponent will find it difficult to resist if used with the right timing.

Video of Kosoto gari 1

The knowledge and expertise of the above video are the courtesy of Yoel Libster.

Video of Kosoto gari 2

Description of Kosoto gari

To perform this throw correctly the user of the technique moves forwards- forcing his opponent to move backwards. While the opponent steps backwards the user times his steps- and swats his leg aside while it is still in the air (using the leg further away from the opponent). As the user swats the opponent's leg further away from himself- he pulls the opponent by his hands to the other side- causing him to lose balance.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of Meta Perspectives:

  1. Advanced level of expertise
  2. Low level of violence
  3. Medium level of violence
  4. High level of violence