Seoi Nage - Lifting shoulder throw

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Seoi Nage

Seoi Nage (סיאואה נגה), is a Judo throw that is classified as a hand throwing technique. Morote-Seoi-nage (doing Seoi-nage or Eri-seoi with two hands) is called Seoi-nage also. Seoi-nage is accomplished by pulling your opponent to his front, or to his diagonal front in a forward motion – this take the opponent of balance. After pulling, pick up the opponent's body on your back and throw him over the shoulder.

Description of Seoi Nage

Practitioners hold each other in a right-handed stance. You pull your opponent to his front while stepping back and pulling him off balance. You then place your right foot in front of the opponent's right foot and lift him with both hands. Bend both knees; turn on the right foot while lowering your hip and place the left foot in front of the opponent's left foot. Your back is facing his front. Bend the right elbow and place it in your opponent's right arm pit, then pull your opponent's right arm down and lock it against your body. Keep close contact to the opponent's chest and lift him up with both hands. Bend your body forward, while straightening both knees. Throws him over your right shoulder, with your right arm acting as a shaft, the opponent's body will spin and fall.