By Yossi Sheriff

Seishin teki kyoyo (精神的 教養), (סיישין טקי קיו-יו) is spiritual education in Ninjutsu. It depicts the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects acompanying the practice of koryu and especially Ninjutsu in the Takamatsu den.

The exact contents of these aspects are deliberately vague and lacking in detail. These educational concepts can be interpreted through Shugendo and .Zen Buddhism.

Of some interest might be the fact that none of these Takamatzu den principles deals with winning in battles or handling fear but all are aspects of general spiritual development.

The Seven aspects of Ninjutsu spiritual development the Seishin teki Kyoyo

  1. Self knowledge
  2. Understanding nature (reality)
  3. Fate (knowing one's destiny or call)
  4. Harmony
  5. The heart (Kokoro)
  6. The Eye
  7. Love [1]

Seishin Teki Kyoyo is the basis for practice in AKBAN.



  1. The seven principles were hang on the wall in Doron Navon's dojo and do not have any other source