Doron Navon - The First Non-Japanese Bujinkan Shihan

Doron Navon - The first non-Japanese Shihan

Doron Navon is renowned for being the first foreigner to earn the title of Bujinkan Shihan, achieving this milestone under the guidance of Hatsumi Masaaki.

Navon's martial arts journey began in Israel, training in Judo under Gadi Skornik. He was on track to join the Olympic team until an injury sidelined him. He also studied Krav Maga with its founder, Imi Lichtenfeld, and later with Eli Avigzar, who helped popularize Krav Maga in the United States.

Hatsumi, the shihans and Doron Navon

Navon moved to Japan to further his Judo studies at the Kodokan, eventually earning a 4th-degree Judo black belt. During his time there, he began training in Ninjutsu under Hatsumi Masaaki. After years of dedication, he received the Shihan grade and authorization to open a dojo in Israel.

In 1976, Navon established the first Ninjutsu dojo outside Japan, located near Tel Aviv. He was also the first martial arts instructor to complete the Feldenkrais course, incorporating key insights from Yoga and Judo into his teachings. He even developed a personal friendship with Moshe Feldenkrais.

Seven AKBAN black belts, including AKBAN's founder Yossi Sheriff, were personally mentored by Doron Navon. They received their black belts under his direct supervision at the AKBAN Jerusalem dojo.

Navon has since retired from active martial arts instruction but continues his research and practice in meditation and movement, based in Japan.