Full Field of View Technique

full field of view technique for emotion regulation

Full Field of View is a crucial technique to deploy right before a potential altercation. It's not just about seeing; it's about expanding your combat awareness to better handle the situation tactically.

How to Do It: Stand or sit and look straight ahead. Instead of focusing in the center of your vision, pay attention to your entire field of view. You can place a visible reminder at the edge of your vision to help you practice this. Another way is to use it alongside specific stances, focusing on the tips of your fingers at the corners of your vision.

When to Use: This technique is essential for anyone who might enter a potentially hostile environment—police, military personnel, or even heads of families. Use it when walking down a dark street, dealing with road rage, or any situation where you need to be alert.

Why It's Important: When we sense danger, our field of view naturally narrows, leading to tunnel vision. This is counterproductive for two reasons: it often triggers panic or anger, and it blinds us to threats coming from other directions. Practicing Full Field of View counters this by activating 'System 2' thinking and making us more aware of our surroundings.

So, whether you're entering a risky situation or just want to be more aware, Full Field of View is a tool that sharpens your senses and prepares you for what's coming.

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