Family defense and Security

By Yossi Sheriff

Family Defense and Security, FDS, אבטחת משפחה, is a practical paradigm that was created at AKBAN and exceeds the narrow field of personal self defense. Family security and defense is a specialization of the Human security field and was the result of analysis of past and future scenarios where an individual protects his family.

The FDS paradigm was transformed into a training regime by applying the Methodical Pyramid model and deriving practical training procedures from this analysis.

The FDS training builds upon the core martial art practiced in AKBAN, Ninjutsu, various necessities and specializations that are required from a civilian individual in family protection scenario. The family protection scenarios debriefed by the AKBAN Think Tank point toward learning the abilities of risk management on the run, handling hand guns, assault rifles and various traditional weapons, movement in general and especially sabaki, vertical urban survival (VUS), emotional modulation (as thought in Detant) and long term sustainability and survival.

The skills of Family defense and security in AKBAN

  • Emotional modulation
    • Conflict management
    • Confrontational abilities
    • Calmness in repose
    • Leadership skills
  • Traditional weapons
  • Modern weapons
    • Handgun
    • Rifle
    • Taser
  • Movement
    • Urban
    • Inside buildings and apartment
    • Rural
    • Vertical Urban Survival
    • Vehicles