Family defense and Security

By Yossi Sheriff

Learning to shoot handgun with only one hand is essential skill
Learning to shoot a handgun with only one hand
essential skill if one hand is injured or busy

Family Defense and Security (FDS), אבטחת משפחה, is our solution for the horrors of the 21st century, blending Ninjutsu practices with today's needs for family safety. It's a core application of the AKBAN Methodical Pyramid, tailored for real-life, modern scenarios.

In AKBAN, we've shaped FDS to be more than just theory. Using our Methodical Pyramid as a blueprint, we've crafted training that's decisive, practical and directly applicable to protecting what's most important – your family.

hand gun shooting from the floor in akban lesson
Shooting from the floor is important
in an urban apartment scenarios

Our Family Defense and Security (FDS) training at AKBAN recognizes a crucial aspect often overlooked in traditional defense systems: the reality that a team, a family, is only as strong as its most vulnerable member. This understanding fundamentally shapes our approach. It's not just about individual prowess; it's about your family, its collective resilience and adaptability.

In many defense systems, the focus is on the strongest, the fastest, the most skilled. But what if you're responsible for a child, an elderly family member, or someone injured? This is where FDS differs significantly. We don't just prepare you to defend and protect; we equip you with strategies and tactics for ensuring the safety of every family member, regardless of their abilities.

This means going beyond the typical skills taught in self-defense classes. Yes, you'll learn effective risk management and how to handle firearms, improvised and traditional weapons. But more importantly, you'll learn how to make critical decisions when there's no backup team, no safe haven, and no cavalry coming to the rescue. Our training is about sustaining and protecting your family in the most challenging circumstances, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their physical capabilities, remains safe and secure.

At AKBAN, we understand that real-life scenarios don't always play out like they do in the movies. There's no one-size-fits-all solution. That's why our FDS training is unique – it starts with the premise that every family member matters and builds a comprehensive defense strategy from there.

fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Neutralising the enemy while fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Neutralising the enemy while fighting for gun control in close quarter
fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Neutralising the enemy while fighting for the gun control in close quarter
Neutralising the enemy while fighting for gun control in close quarter

At the heart of our Family Defense and Security (FDS) training is Ninjutsu , as we see it: a scaffolding for innovation and efficiency, not a stupid myth or ancient, sometimes irrelevant techniques. This is practical, hands-on knowledge that you can use when it matters most.

Our approach is dynamic and tailored to the needs of everyday people, not just professional soldiers. The scenarios we explore, developed by the AKBAN Think Tank, cover a wide range of skills. You'll learn how to manage risks effectively, sometimes deescalate, even in the heat of the moment. We delve into the use of firearms, both handguns and assault rifles, and we don't shy away from traditional weapons either. It's about being prepared for anything.

Movement is key in any conflict scenario. We focus on the deep meaning of sabaki – the art of moving effectively in combat – to ensure you can navigate any terrain with agility and confidence. But it's not just about moving on the ground. Our Vertical Urban Survival (VUS) training prepares you for challenges in urban environments, from high-rise buildings to complex city landscapes.

Jumping from the roof in vertical urban survival course
Jumping from the roof in vertical urban survival course
learning to jump while holding a secured child
Jumping from the roof in vertical urban survival course
Using one hand while the other is holding a weapon
Jumping and abseiling while learning VUS in FDS

Emotional control is just as crucial as physical skills. That's why we integrate the AKBAN emotion regulation program with the aim of staying calm, focused, and making the right decisions under pressure. And because we're in this for the long haul, we also emphasize sustainability and survival skills that are not age dependant and will serve you and your family for years to come.

In short, FDS at AKBAN isn't another martial arts class. It's a comprehensive training program designed to equip you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to protect your family or team in any situation.

The skills of Family Defense and Security in AKBAN

At AKBAN, our Family Defense and Security (FDS) program is designed to equip you with a comprehensive set of skills, ensuring you're prepared for any situation. Here's an overview of what you'll learn:

Emotional and Psychological Preparedness

  • Emotional Regulation: Mastering the art of staying calm and focused, even in high-stress situations.
  • Conflict Management: Effective strategies to defuse tensions before they escalate.
  • Confrontational Abilities: Asserting yourself in a confrontation without losing control.
  • Calmness in Repose: Maintaining a clear head to make the best decisions under pressure.
  • Leadership Skills: Guiding and protecting your family through challenging times.

Physical Defense and Protection

  • Fighting and Empty Hand Self-Defense: Practical techniques to defend yourself and your loved ones without weapons.
  • Deescalation: Using levels of violence to prevent conflicts from escalating.
  • High Levels of Violence: Advanced strategies for extreme situations.
  • Defense of Children: Specialized tactics to protect the most vulnerable members of your family.
  • Utilizing Environment: Leveraging topography, distancing, and angling to your advantage.

Traditional and Improvised Weapons

  • Improvised Weapons: Turning everyday objects into effective defense tools.
  • Choosing the Right Knife: Selecting and using a knife for home self-defense.
  • Stick and Flexible Weapons: Mastering the use of sticks and other flexible weapons for defense.

Modern Weaponry

  • Handgun: Safe and effective use of handguns for personal protection.
  • Rifle: Handling and employing rifles in defense scenarios.
  • Taser: Non-lethal options for personal security.

Movement and Tactical Positioning

  • Urban Movement: Navigating city environments safely and strategically.
  • Indoor Tactics: Techniques for moving and defending within buildings and apartments.
  • Rural Strategies: Skills for managing threats in less urbanized areas.
  • Vertical Urban Survival (VUS): Unique methods for dealing with multi-level urban environments.
  • Vehicular Tactics: Using vehicles for mobility and protection.

Our FDS program will develop a mindset that prioritizes the safety and well-being of family and team in any circumstance. Whether dealing with everyday conflicts or extraordinary threats, these are the skills most needed.

Turning a corner in an apartment with a hand gun
Turning a corner in an apartment with a hand gun
the difference between concealment and cover

Shooting handgun in AKBAN FDS workshop
Shooting handgun in AKBAN FDS workshop