Niradin - 50:50

By Yossi Sheriff

This Kata is part of the Niradin health and awareness system.

Standing firmly one rotates the torso with the nose line aligned with the navel. The hands rotate in different directions.

Points of attention Niradin - 50:50

  1. Fill the lungs with air in the side of the hand that goes up.
  2. The rotation starts from full extension. No stopping in the middle.
  3. The energy lines distributes the balance.
  4. Pressure and weight shift under the surface of soles.

Health benefits of Niradin

  1. Respiratory disorders.
  2. Balance, dizzy spells
  3. Centring.
  4. Low blood pressure.
  5. Constricted chest.
  6. Depleted aura.
  7. Cardio vascular.
  8. coordination.

Video of Niradin - 50:50