Tatsumaki no kata, Shoden Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Tatsumaki (竜巻), (Tornado), (טטסומקי), is a Kata of the Kukishin ryu koryu, It belongs to the Shoden gata level in the Takamatsu den Ninjutsu schools.

Video of Tatsumaki no kata - Kukishinden Ryu

Description of Tatsumaki

Both in Seigan. Uke attacks with a right tsuki, a left tsuki and a right and then left sokugyaku geri. Tori defends with Jodan Yuke for both tsuki and then hits with fudo ken the inside of Uke's shin to defend the kicks. Uke hits with a right tsuki. Tori does a jodan yuke, moves diagonally forward, does boshi ken on opponent's neck kyusho and throws uke with osoto gake.

Basic techniques used

This kata uses the following techniques:

  1. Seigan
  2. tsuki
  3. sokugyaku geri
  4. Jodan Yuke
  5. fudo ken
  6. boshi ken
  7. osoto gake.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these attributes of the Meta Perspectives:

  1. 2nd Timing
  2. Low level of violence

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