Tori, the executor of a technique

By Yossi Sheriff

Tori, 取り, טורי, the executor of the technique, or the reciever, is a term in Japanese Martial arts that describes the role of the person that finishes the technique or the kata. The person who is the training partner of tori is called Uke.

In systems that do not have the methodical vehicle of the kata, such as Krav Maga, the role of tori is relatively simple and includes only the execution and culmination of the techniques. In martial arts that have an integrated kata or mutualy dependent techniques, such as Aikido, Ninjutsu or Katori - tori gets a very complex role that demands timing, distancing, sensitivity and reaction. These systems also necessitate an adapt uke who can react accordingly.

Video of Tori in Aikido

Video of Tori in Kukishin Ryu, Ninjutsu

Video of Tori in TSKSR