Advanced level of expertise

By Yossi Sheriff

Advanced level of expertise denotes the ability to execute kata and techniques that demand a partner coordinated response.

This partner coordinated response separates this level from beginner's level of expertise and Intermediate level at which only the ability to perform the movement is a prerequisite.

In Ninjutsu, and other martial arts, the reactions and strategies with a partner are reserved to the higher and later levels of the techniques learned in the Takamatsu den syllabus.

Advanced level of expertise is an attribute of the meta perspective - level of expertise, one of the terms in the AKBAN methodical system, the methodical pyramid.

List of techniques in the advanced level of expertise

  Level of expertise
Yama arashi no kata, Chuden Gata level, Kukishin RyuYama arashi no kata, Chuden Gata level, Kukishin RyuAdvanced level of expertise