Hold-Relax Technique - phase 1

the hold relax technique for emotion regulation

The Hold-Relax Technique is a foundational method for learning how to fully relax your muscles, starting with the ones you can easily control. This technique is a stepping stone to mastering relaxation in the more complex muscles involved in breathing.

What to Check? Muscle tension release, chest relaxation, blood pressure.

When to Use Hold-Relax? Deploy this technique when you notice muscle tension and emotional energy drain. For amplified impact, pair it with Controlled Breath Release.

How to Do It: Whether you're sitting or standing, make a tight fist. Hold this fist for a minimum of 10 seconds; you can go longer if you're comfortable. The focus here isn't on the tension but on what comes next.

Starting Your Training: After holding the fist, relax your hands. Let them rest at your sides if standing, or on your lap if sitting. Pay attention to the sensation of relaxation in your hands. This is the feeling we're after. Start with two rounds of 10-second holds, and gradually increase as you get comfortable.

Daily Integration: This technique can be practiced anywhere, anytime. The more you do it, the more you'll recognize the feeling of true muscle relaxation, which is essential for emotional regulation.

Understanding Relaxation: The key is to focus on the feeling of relaxation that follows the tension. This is what we want to understand and control, not just the act of tensing the muscles.

Hold-Relax is more than just a physical exercise; it's a way to get to know your body's relaxation response. Use it as a reliable tool in your emotional regulation toolbox.

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