Soft Reset Technique

the detant soft reset technique for emotion regulation

Soft Reset is a simple yet powerful technique for emotional regulation. It's a go-to method for moments when you're gripped by fear and have to wait it out—like in a bomb shelter or during a turbulent flight. It's not just about keeping busy; it's about reclaiming control when everything else is out of your hands.

How to Do It: Start by touching the tip of your index finger to your thumb while counting "one" in your mind. Move on to the middle finger, then the ring finger, and finally the little finger, each time touching them to your thumb and counting inwardly. Make a loose fist and count "five." Extend your index finger and count "six." Lift your middle finger too, counting "seven." Fold your ring and middle fingers, securing them with your thumb, and count "eight." Let only your pinky stay up and count "nine." Finally, spread all your fingers while inhaling and make a small fist while exhaling, counting "ten."

When to Use: This technique shines in high-stress situations that require you to wait. It's about doing something meaningful with your hands and mind to regain a sense of control.

Why It Works: Soft Reset taps into a universal principle found in various traditions—from Hinduism to Christianity to Islam—that small finger movements combined with cognitive tasks can help you regain focus and control. It's not about connecting to higher powers; it's about resetting your own system.

Going Beyond: This is just the tip of the iceberg. As you get comfortable with this basic technique, you'll discover it opens doors to a whole range of tools and abilities for emotional regulation.

So, whether you're in a bomb shelter or just feeling overwhelmed, Soft Reset offers a practical way to regain control. It's like solving a physical sudoku problem that engages your thoughts, emotions, body, and awareness all at once.

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