Community: A Pillar of Emotion Regulation

individual in a community

Community is not just a concept; it's the bedrock of emotional stability. The notion of complete self-reliance is not only impractical but also a strategic miscalculation—people are the force multiplier. In AKBAN, we understand that community is integral to a balanced life, serving as a key component of our emotion regulation framework.

Our community, the AKBAN dojo, is open and part of a broader, healthy lifestyle. It's a living testament to commitment, having thrived for four decades. This longevity has provided us with invaluable insights into the dynamics of a voluntary community, revealing the delicate balance between success and failure in social cohesion.

The strength of a community lies in the humanity of its members and the trust they share. Trust is the currency of our social fabric, invested and exchanged among peers and leaders alike. It's this trust that we ask you to nurture within your circles, or when you can, use as a leader.

We call upon you, the practitioners, to embrace a fundamental responsibility: to contribute more than you draw. This principle has been the cornerstone of our collective journey. It fosters mutual respect and lifts us above the trivial score-keeping that often undermines social bonds. When we commit to this generous imbalance, grievances dissolve, making way for compassion and opening doors to support that comes in many forms—be it wisdom, perspective, or tangible aid.

By prioritizing generosity within our community, we not only reinforce the trust in ourselves but also enrich the lives of all members, creating a robust network of support that is the essence of an AKBAN dojo.