What we are proud of

    • Values come first, professionalism later, or in our words: “Be a human being first, and only when you have to – a warrior”.
    • Training, training, and training again, week after week, year after year, decade after decade. Or in our words: “Training is not an option”. We have been training since 1976.
    • Testing and examining: we examine each technique in variety of combat conditions, asking questions about its efficiency, and the way we perform it.
    • Communication is professionalism: Only a community of senior practitioners who are able to share their knowledge and assess each other can cover many different fighting disciplines.
    • Learning: All of AKBAN’s senior practitioners participate in other martial arts lessons with other teachers, this accords with the traditional Budo Ninjutsu discipline. The knowledge gained is shared in the community, and now, through the AKBAN-wiki, with other veterans. Teachers of other martial arts methods are welcomed to teach different subjects, or a new way of combat thinking. We are willing to learn from anyone who has something relevant to teach us. Budo Ninjutsu tradition is based on the practical philosophy of warriors who gathered not only few techniques, but nine different systems.
    • Safety first: We have realized a long time ago that training on the edge has its cost – being fully prepared we may last only a short period of time, some kind of injury will happen long before we will meet the battle field. In order to train for many years, safety is essential.

Our safety is also in preparation, we use the one of the most moderate and sensible fitness programs to bring our practitioners to extreme fitness levels. Budo Ninjutsu is a tough martial art, in which full contact combats are preformed every lesson. There’s an extreme risk of injury due to falls and contact. We gradually prepare our bodies in order to accustom ourselves to the efforts. We avoid unnecessary aggression in training combats. Maturity and physical conditioning are our safety net.