Full contact 24 non-stop hours

The AKBAN “24” starts at 16:00, continues through the night, with no sleep or rest, and concludes at next day’s sunset, at 16:00. Only few minutes are allowed every hour and these are devoted to stretching and replenishing calories. After these five minutes we change partners and continue sparring (striking, kicking, throws and ground work) for another hour.

AKBAN Academy members were documented for the Guinness book of records in 2003, then, because of a rare October heat wave, we were stopped by the resident M.D. required by Guinness, because many were becoming dehydrated. The AKBAN fitness routine prepares us well – We have done Marathons and Ultras, but this “24” is the toughest, most difficult thing we do.

Video of the 2012 “24”

24 steps for the 24