By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Queixada

The expertise in the video is the courtesy of ABADÁ-Capoeira expert practitioners.

Queixada is a Capoeira kick. The name comes from the word "Queixo", the chin, which is the target of this kick. The important thing in Queixada is the kick itself; in fact every school and academy has got its ways of entering the kick (feet movements) and coming back to the ginga when it's finished. Another common pattern is to skip simply with the back foot in place of he first, as it's seen in kick boxing; however, this not complex move (the one explained above) helps you with balance and control of weight, giving you a straight direction from the beginning too.

Description of Queixada

From the base position of the ginga, with one leg pointed backward, shift the chest in an orthogonal line to the opponent, turning on the two feet; bend the legs at the knee, sitting on the pelvis (a straight leg can be an easy target, and it hurts bad). The front foot makes a short step forward, the back foot skips behind its heel, parallel; the front foot thus raised hits with the heel in a circle, whose top level is that of the opponent's chin. The kicking leg then turns behind the stationary leg, in the same stance orthogonal to the opponent; from here shift back the chest toward him and start the ginga again.

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