Meia Lua de compasso

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Meia Lua de compasso

The expertise in the video is the courtesy of ABADÁ-Capoeira expert practitioners.

Meia lua de compasso is a "golpe rodado" (round kick), and is considered to be one of the most efficient kicks in capoeira. One myth describes the slaves putting their chained hands on the floor so that they will be able to launch a fast and surprising round kick.

Description of Meia Lua de compasso

This name holds the main feature of the kick: the compass. When you're performing this kick, you point on the stationary leg, that acts as a pivot, and bending on it you kick with the other leg in a circle, turning on the stationary foot and helping your balance with hands. From the parallel stance in the ginga, bring one leg (usually not the last that has moved, but the other one) forward, always in a circling motion; you can start the Meia lua from an ortogonal stance or from a back stance, turning 180° on the side of the stationary leg. Put your hands on the floor, in the middle of legs; usually to have a better balance you point the fingers in opposed directions, ortogonal to the line of the feet.

Shift you body weight on the leg you've just moved, bending the chest upon the tight and looking at the opponent from under th pelvis. Then raise the leg that has remained stationary until now, and kick in a circle line, turning on the foot on the floor. You can exit the kick putting the kicking foot in a parallel line or behind the front foot, just like a Negativa (or Esquiva Baixa).

From this position raise on your legs and restart ginga. In Capoeira, angola e regional, every movement has to be done the lowest possible; except in kicking and in esquivas, you never have to straighten the legs or stand up in the middle of a movement. Another important notion to keep in your head is that you have always, no matter what position, to look at the opponent.

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