By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Armada

The expertise in the video is the courtesy of ABADÁ-Capoeira expert practitioners.

The armada is one of the basic kicks in Capoeira. The Armada a spinning kick.

It's one of the initial moves learned in Capoeira, although the ability acquired in the move gives you capacity of use many other moves and combos, like the Queixada, Meia Lua de compasso. It's also one of the most used moves in a Roda.

Description of Armada

The leg that is positioned behind in the Ginga is the leg used to hit the opponent. The capoeirista shifts his body to the side that the body will spin to, turns in with a 180 degrees rotation (from the shifted position, what corresponds to a 270 degrees spin in the Ginga initial position), then, with the force from the turn, the leg swings off and then gets back to the Ginga position. The leg motion is similar to a Queixada except the technique begins with a spin.

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