Ground striking

By Yossi Sheriff

Striking on the ground describes a collection of techniques at which the opponent has fallen to the ground and the practitioner proceeds to strike him. Striking on the ground is a common goal for mma based combat sports.

This is different in street situations. When encountering a real life fighting situation. There is a disadvantage when one finds himself on the ground in street situations, even if he is the aggressor.

The rising of Mixed Martial Arts sports (MMA) has given special attention to Bjj, wrestling and hence to ground fighting. In MMA there is one basic rule that no official referee states at the beginning of a fight. The rule is simply that you always fight just one opponent. Family or friends simply can't enter the arena and help you. This is not the case in real life situations. Actually, most real street fights involve a few opponents using different weapons; therefore in these kinds of situations finding yourself on the ground might be deadly.

Basic fighting principle on the ground

The basic fighting principle you would like to embrace is to avoid ground fighting at all cost when encountering a real life fighting situation. However, many street fights end up on the ground. Therefore, martial artists that prepare for such encounters should know how to avoid fighting on the ground, but also the basic principles when reaching the ground. In real fighting situations you won't look for submissions such as chokes arm bars or leg locks, you will always look for striking techniques in order to get a knockout and an opportunity to stand back up on your feet.

Simply striking on the ground is not enough. You first have to get a solid position to be able to strike from. Furthermore, you should try using you hands and legs in order to get an advantage. This means that if you strike an opponent that defends himself with both hands you cannot make enough damage to knock him out. Thus, you should try trapping one or both of his arms to get an advantage.

Striking from the guard position

When reaching the ground with an opponent in a real fighting situation, the worst place you can find yourself is underneath an opponent, since he can easily strike you and might knock you out. Therefore, if you are underneath an opponent try finding yourself in the closed guard position and from that position find ways to get an advantage, through trapping one or both of his arms. Then strike your opponent until you find an opportunity to stand up.

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