By Yossi Sheriff

Wrestling, also called grappling, is a combat sport that disallows striking in any form and utilizes grabs, throws, joint locks and pin downs to throw, control, submit or immobilize an opponent.

Wrestling all over the world

Wrestling is a major sport in many countries and have been so since antiquity. There are many wrestling styles indegenuos to cultures and sport organizations.

Most wrestling styles advocate minimal clothing thus forcing the opponents to use distinct holds and grips. Some modern martial sports that are a derivative of wrestling, such as Judo advocate using a jacket thus allowing many holds that are not possible on a bare torso.

Some wrestling styles use a short pant or a leather, cotton or silk belt to allow more control and enrich the technical syllabus.

Wrestling has a well documented history and ancient images of wrestling have been discovered in neolithic caves in Europe, in Japan depicting Sumo and in wall paintings in ancient Egypt.

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