Ushiro ukemi - rear break fall

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Ninjutsu Ushiro ukemi - rear break fall

Video of Ushiro ukemi - rear break fall

Ushiro Ukemi (אושירו אוקמי), or rear break-fall, is a technique used in Judo, Ninjutsu and many other martial arts to fall safely backwards.

Description of Ushiro ukemi - rear break fall

This technique is used when falling backwards in order to avoid damage to the head and neck. While the body is still in momentum use both arms and hands to hit the ground with force to counter the momentum of the fall. Note that the neck needs to be bent (so the falling person is able to look at the stomach) and the legs lifted. Bending the neck is very important as without it the block is ineffective.

This technique is part of Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Yellow belt grade requirements, Orange belt grade requirements, Green belt grade requirements and of Black Belt grade requirements