AKBAN's Ninjutsu Course

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Instructor: Yossi Sheriff

Anybody can write anything online, so take what you read everywhere with a grain of salt. Instead, use our extensive Ninjutsu techniques data, documenting decades of real classes as your trust mechanism.

What we offer is unique, an amalgam of traditional Ninjutsu adapted with hands-on Israeli practicality. In a world where many sites come off as role-playing games, we have forged something authentic and pressure-tested.
Judge for yourself by watching the videos before you read on. This is not what you might think.
Students don't just learn techniques—they are in a community focused on building physical toughness, emotional wisdom and mental clarity that stay with them.

I do not serve two masters, and that means no student is ever turned away for lack of funds. Payment plans and scholarships are available, so money never stands in the way of training.

I started teaching in 1985. I teach:

  • Comprehensive Ninjutsu Training: Dive into our evolving syllabus that covers everything from fundamental techniques to advanced strategies. More than 10,000 techniques in 1400 videos. I work hard for my students’ trust, but I have a plan.
  • Emotion Regulation: Master techniques for impulse control and conflict resolution, applicable in combat and daily life.
  • Lifelong Fitness: I am a certified Physical Therapist, use our program to build a strong body and mind, designed to support your martial arts journey and beyond.
Katant jump kata in from of the walls of Jerusalem at sunset

Old Art, Modern Applications

Dojo influences the real world skills big time. Modern tactics and weaponry are built on the spiritual insights of Japanese Budo. All emotion regulation techniques are paired with biofeedback from heart rate monitors, voice analysis AI, and skin conduction sensors. We measure a lot of data, and that helps our learning graph be much faster.
Our veteran students’ lives have been transformed by this.

Join Our Community

From day one as a yellow belt you'll have support. On up to seventh level, counsel is available if you need advice. Our thinking group guides people every step. You'll never be alone here.

smiles at sunset sword training in the old city of Jerusalem

Get Started

Watch my Intro to Ninjutsu rolls on 1st level (yellow belt) and start discovering our core techniques.

Responsible Use and Copyright

The two prerequisites to this course are getting a medical approval, and doing it under a certified instructor. Training in the syllabus of AKBAN is suitable for anyone seeking to combine lifelong physical discipline with cognitive clarity and emotional balance.

Our materials are crafted for the AKBAN community, focusing on educational and non-commercial use. While we encourage the spread of knowledge, we also respect intellectual property and advise legal consultation for any use outside our academy.