Seitei gata - Shihō-giri 四方切り

By Yossi Sheriff
Seitei Gata - ZNKR sword kata
Seitei gata - Mae 前
Seitei gata - Ushiro 後ろ
Seitei gata - Ukenagashi 受け流し
Seitei gata - Tsuka-ate 柄当て
Seitei gata - Kesagiri 袈裟切り
Seitei gata - Morote-tsuki 諸手突き
Seitei gata - Sanpō-giri 三方切り
Seitei gata - Ganmen-ate 顔面当て
Seitei gata - Soete-zuki 添え手突き
Seitei gata - Shihō-giri 四方切り
Seitei gata - Sō-giri 総切り
Seitei gata - Nukiuchi 抜き打ち

Background of Shiho giri, tenth sword drawing kata

This Iaido kata is a Japanese sword drawing kata standardized by the Japanese Kendo federation in the late 20th century.

Description of Shiho giri, tenth sword drawing kata

In the tenth kata the swordsman is surrounded by four approaching opponents.

  1. The swordsman walks forward - on the third step – he uses the flat part of sword's hilt (tsuka) to strike the wrist of the front right opponent that and then delivers a thrust with the tsuka (Tsuki) to that same opponent.
  2. The swordsman draws the sword to the height of his breast and stabs the rear left opponent in the solar-plexus (suigetsu) with a sliding step.
  3. The swordsman turns back to his front right opponent and finishes with a downward cut with the left foot advancing.
  4. The swordsman steps toward his rear right opponent and cuts him down with another sliding step, keeping the right leg in front.
  5. The swordsman turns with a waki Kamae to his front left opponent, goes through jodan no kamae, and finishes him with a downward cut.
  6. The swordsman steps back with his right foot to jodan no kamae and remains there, practicing Zanshin.
  7. The swordsman steps back with his left foot, simultaneously shaking the blood of the blade (chiburi).
  8. The swordsman sheaths his sword (noto).

Video of Shiho giri, tenth sword drawing kata

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