Seitei gata - Morote-tsuki 諸手突き

By Yossi Sheriff
Seitei Gata - ZNKR sword kata
Seitei gata - Mae 前
Seitei gata - Ushiro 後ろ
Seitei gata - Ukenagashi 受け流し
Seitei gata - Tsuka-ate 柄当て
Seitei gata - Kesagiri 袈裟切り
Seitei gata - Morote-tsuki 諸手突き
Seitei gata - Sanpō-giri 三方切り
Seitei gata - Ganmen-ate 顔面当て
Seitei gata - Soete-zuki 添え手突き
Seitei gata - Shihō-giri 四方切り
Seitei gata - Sō-giri 総切り
Seitei gata - Nukiuchi 抜き打ち

Background of Morote-tsuki, sixth sword drawing kata

This Iaido kata is a Japanese sword drawing kata standardized by the Japanese Kendo federation in the late 20th century.

Description of Morote-tsuki, sixth sword drawing kata

In the sixth setei gata the swordsman walks and is confronted by several opponents. The swordsman initiates a diagonal cut to the head of the front opponent and then stabs him with two hands (morote tsuki) at the mid section (suigetsu). The swordsman then turns 180° and cuts the opponent behind him with a downward cut. The swordsman now turns and finishes the first opponent with a downward overhead cut. The swordsman then shakes the blood of the blade (chiburi) and sheathes the sword (noto).

Video of Morote-tsuki, sixth sword drawing kata

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