Seitei gata - Ganmen-ate 顔面当て

By Yossi Sheriff
Seitei Gata - ZNKR sword kata
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Seitei gata - Ukenagashi 受け流し
Seitei gata - Tsuka-ate 柄当て
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Seitei gata - Ganmen-ate 顔面当て
Seitei gata - Soete-zuki 添え手突き
Seitei gata - Shihō-giri 四方切り
Seitei gata - Sō-giri 総切り
Seitei gata - Nukiuchi 抜き打ち

Background of Ganmen-ate, eight sword drawing kata

This Iaido kata is a Japanese sword drawing kata standardized by the Japanese Kendo federation in the late 20th century.

Description of Ganmen-ate, eight sword drawing kata

In the eighth seitei gata, the swordsman is faced with two opponents, one in front and one behind. The swordsman attacks first by drawing the sword and hitting the front enemy in the face, between his eyes, with the hilt (tsukagashira, tsuka ate) of the sword. The swordsman then turns 180°, steps with his right leg and stabs the rear opponent in the solar plexus (suigetsu) using only his right arm to hold the sword. The swordsman turns after the stab to an overhead stance (daijodan no Kamae) and delivers a final overhead cut to the front opponent with a right foot step. The swordsman shakes off the blood from the blade to the side (yoko chiburi) and sheathes the sword (noto).

Video of Ganmen-ate, eight sword drawing kata

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