Kubiwa no kata, Shoden Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

By Yossi Sheriff
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Kubi wa (首輪), (Collar), (קובי ווה), is a Kata of the Kukishin ryu koryu, It belongs to the Shoden gata level in the Takamatsu den Ninjutsu schools.

Video of Kubiwa no kata - Kukishinden Ryu

Description of Kubiwa

Both in Seigan Uke attacks with a right Tsuki, left Tsuki and then a right Tsuki and a left Push kick. Tori blocks the Tsuki with Jodan yuke, grabs the last right handed Tsuki, and blocks the left kick with Gedan Yuke while doing Yoko tai sabaki away from the kick. Uke then hits the neck, face or shoulder Kyusho and proceeds to throw the Uke on his back with modified Uki Otoshi.

Basic techniques used

This kata uses the following techniques:

  1. Seigan
  2. Tsuki
  3. Push kick
  4. Jodan yuke
  5. Gedan Yuke
  6. tai sabaki
  7. Uki Otoshi.

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these Meta Perspectives:

  1. 2nd Timing
  2. Low level of violence

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