Kata analysis

By Yossi Sheriff

Kata analysis, ניתוח יעילות קאטה is an AKBAN academic procedure that has roots in hoplological methods. This procedure stems from the Methodical pyramid, the AKBAN school method of incorporating changing circumstances into traditional body of knowledge. Kata is the Japanese generic name to a fixed sequence of movements. Kata analysis, when done routinely, can help able practitioners, instructors and martial arts teachers in understanding the conditions in which a particular martial art Kata functions at its best, and in building more informed and practical new sequences.

In Kata analysis the sequence is dismantled, and the distinct movements that comprise the Kata checked for usability and function in various conditions.

Some Kata are symbolic to the extent that combat usability lays hidden beneath a lengthy set of slow movements. Kata analysis in these cases should include not only combat usability but other, important rational that are maintained and supported by exercising the Kata.

Doing Kata analysis should consider the physical abilities cultivated by the Kata practice and the mental habits strengthened by combining the Kata's specific movements with the proper mindset.

The combat usability index, one of the most important scales a Kata should be checked with, is always context dependant. Confrontational variants are numerous and include the techniques deployed in confrontation, the substructure of rule (if any exist at all) governing the confrontation, the physical abilities demanded by the combatants and other factors influencing the confrontation – like weapons used, apparel and so on.

When doing Kata analysis it is beneficial to work in teams that include experts from many fields: physiology, martial arts, psychology and so on. This way the multidisciplinary approach can contribute to a better understanding of the established pattern.

Video of Kata analysis in the 5th colloquium

Video of Kata analysis in the 4th colloquium

Video of Kata analysis in the 3rd colloquium