Yokuto kata, Shoden gata level - Koto ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Yokuto

Yokuto, (Yokutō), (抒投), (יוקוטו נו קאטה - קוטו ריו - נינג'יטסו), (Pickup and throw) is a Ninjutsu Kata that belongs to the basic Shoden level.

Description of Yokuto kata

Uke grabs tori with a middle Judo hold. Tori, with his left hand, grabs uke's right hand and hits with a right Boshi ken behind the ear or below the jaw, and in the same time kicking with a right Kin Geri to uke's groin. Tori then hits uke under the chin with his left hand while switching his stance, so that his left leg is the front leg.

Ninjutsu training sessions with Yokuto no kata