By Yossi Sheriff

Aikido, 合気道 is a martial art developed by Japanese Morihei Ueshiba as a synthesis of koryu martial arts he learned.

Ueshiba combined combat techniques, philosophy and religious beliefs to a coherent martial practice. Aikido is sometimes translated as soft connection with the energy of life, or through the spirit harmony. The purpose of Ueshiba was creating art that helps combat practitioners protect themselves while avoiding damage to their opponents.

Many Aikido moves use joining the movement of attack and using the opponent's energy through guidance of his attack. Principles of fighting in Aikido try to abstain from using force on the opponent. The Aikidoka (Aikido practitioner) leads the inertia of the opponent using movement that joins the attacker and sometimes turning with the force of the attack. Techniques and end with armlocks or in throws.

Aikido can be categorized under the wide umbrella of martial arts engaged mainly in grappling as most of it's syllabus abstains from initiating blows.

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