Suisha kata, Shoden Gata level, Kukishin Ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Suisha (水車), (Water wheel), (סוישה) is a Kata, a part of the Kukishin ryu koryu in Takamatsu den, It belongs to the Shoden gata level.

Video of Suisya no kata - Kukishinden Ryu

Description of Suisha

Both opponents stand in Seigan. Uke attacks in right, left and then right tsuki. Tori blocks with Jodan yuke, grabs the right tsuki wrist and moves diagonally forward to grab uke's shoulder with right hand. Does a kuzushi forward and when the uke reacts pushes uke backward and throws with O uchi geri

Basic techniques used

This kata uses the following techniques:

  1. Seigan
  2. tsuki
  3. Jodan yuke
  4. kuzushi
  5. O uchi geri

Meta perspectives

This technique incorporates these Meta Perspectives:

  1. 2nd Timing
  2. Low level of violence

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