Shoten - Wall running

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Shoten - Wall running on the young children group

Shoten, (שוטן), is the collective name for any climbing that culminates in a roll or somersault. Doing shoten depends on fast sprinting before the climb, and as such it is used in the with young trainees and children to build fast explosive running skills.

Background of Shoten - Wall running

All acrobatics in Ninjutsu are first of all spatial awareness tasks. Somersaults, climbs, wall running, break falls and related techniques are practiced in order to improve the warrior's three dimensional sensitivity and his reaction to unexpected movements and falls.

Description of Shoten - Wall running

At the beginning of the climb one attacks the wall or the climbable object with a step aimed straight towards the wall and upward. Doing the shoten one establishes friction between the soles of the feet and the object climbed. The technique calls for the use of special spikes (shuko) on the sole of the foot, but trials revealed that the spikes should be extremely short.

A related technique

Shoten tombogaeri - Back somersault from wall running

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