Ni no tachi, Kumitachi, Aikido weapons

By Yossi Sheriff
Aikido weapon techniques
Jo Suburi techniques
Choku tsuki
Kaeshi tsuki
Ushiro tsuki
Tsuki gedan gaeshi
Tsuki jodan gaeshi
Shomen uchi komi
Renzoku uchi komi
Menuchi gedan gaeshi
Menuchi ushiro tsuki
Gyaku yokomen ushiro tsuki
Katate gedan gaeshi
Katate toma uchi
Katate hachi no ji gaeshi
Hasso gaeshi uchi
Hasso gaeshi tsuki
Hasso gaeshi ushiro tsuki
Hasso gaeshi ushiro uchi
Hasso gaeshi ushiro barai
Hidari nagare gaeshi uchi
Hidari nagare gaeshi tsuki
Jo Kata
Ichi no kumi jo
Ni no kumi jo
San no kumi jo
Yon no kumi jo
Go no kumi jo
Roku no kumi jo
Shichi no kumi jo
Hachi no kumi jo
Ku no kumi jo
Ju no kumi jo
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Sanjuichi no kumijo
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Ichi no suburi
Ni no suburi
San no suburi
Yon no suburi
Go no suburi
Roku no suburi
Ichi no tachi
Ni no tachi
San no tachi
Yon no tachi
Go no tachi
Migi no awase
Shichi no awase
Go no awase
Ki musubi no tachi

Background of Ni no tachi

This Kata is a weapon kata, part of Iwama Aikikai Aikido as thought by Hitohiro Saito.

Video of Ni no tachi

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Some general videos instead

Ninjutsu locks video

Ninjutsu throws video

Ninjutsu Kamae video

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