Horadat Zakif

By Yossi Sheriff
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Te hodoki - Omote gyaku
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This technique is used to drop an opponent to the ground when the user is standing behind him.

Description of the Technique

To perform the Technique, first the user must reach the position shown in the video- standing behind the opponent with one arm around the opponent's neck. Next the user pushes a Boshi* in the opponent's back to force him to move his pelvis forward- that way- since he is held by the neck- the opponent is completely off-balance and can be maneuvered as the user wishes- can be either moved backwards or dropped to the ground. Note that the user of the technique must keep chest close to the opponent's back.

  • Boshi- resembles a regular fist- apart from the thumb which is placed above the other fingers and is not bent- it is straight and is meant to be the point of impact when using the Boshi.

1st Henka

2nd Henka

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3rd Henka

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This technique is part of Budo Ninjutsu Grade requirements syllabus Orange belt grade requirements and of Black Belt grade requirements