By Yossi Sheriff

(棒), (מקל ארוך, בו), or Rokushakubo (六尺棒), is a long staff, 1.80 - 2.0 meters long (approx. 6. ft. ) used in combat and hence in many Koryu.

The specific skill of using the Bo is called Bojutsu (棒術), in Japanese.

There are many variations of the material of the long stick ranging from white oak species (Quercus alba) to even bamboo (竹). The Bo may have an even radius or taper toward the ends. Most Bo are round but hexagonal ones and even square one exist. The Kukishin Ryu Bo has nine steel rings on each end enforcing the strength and the characteristics of the weapon.

A Bo, and its close relative weapons, the short stick (Hanbo), and the middle length stick (Jo), form a popular weapon in many cultures around the world due to their availability and the abilty to deliver a wide diversity of levels of violence.

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