Batsu yo, Hekito gata level - Koto ryu

By Yossi Sheriff

Video of Batsuyo no kata - Koto ryu

Batsuyo, Batsuyu, (בטסויו נו קאטה - קוטו ריו - נינג'יטסו), is a Kata that is a part of the Koto Ryu koryu of Ninjutsu, It belongs to the second Hekito level.

Description of Batsu yo no kata

Opponent (Uke) hits with a bokken, sword or stick to the head from above. The defender (Tori) moves diagonally to the left and forward while escorting the opponent hands and finally grabbing the wrists with his left hand. Defender hits, still holding the right wrist, the opponent's face with his right fist, returns his right hand to the opponent's hands and with a twisting action reminiscent of Waki Gatame propels the opponent to the ground. While the opponent is falling forward the defender twists out the Bokken or sword and changing grip holds it in Hidari gedan posture.