6th Ninjutsu Colloquium in AKBAN, May 2015

By Yossi Sheriff

The 6th AKBAN Ninjutsu Colloquium took place in AKBAN Tel Aviv Honbu dojo at May 1, 2015, and explored typical solutions of the Koryu of the Takamatsu Den, studied in Bujinkan to resistance of the opponent while in grappling situations.

The Kata chosen to exemplify each Ryu are:

  1. Oh Gyaku - From Koto Ryu
  2. Renyo - From Gyokku Ryu
  3. Koshi ori - From Takagi Yoshin Ryu
  4. Fuki (Fukan) - From Fudo Ryu
  5. Ryu fu - From Kukishinden Ryu

Rules for the colloquium participants

The colloquium is an academy event open to veteran practitioners from all schools who keep a simple list of rules:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Behave respectfully.
  • Wear a clean and representative Gi of your school.
  • Respect other opinions with attentive listening. This is not a debate competition, it is a mutual effort to understand our craft.
  • Comments and questions are limited to one minute.
  • A show of technique can be spontaneous or pre-coordinated with us. Each example is limited to no more then two minutes.
  • Every example, every kata or idea that is being shown must end with three silent repetitions. This is how we show respect to the kata.
  • The colloquium starts and ends with a bow. If, for any reason, one does not want to bow, one can exchange it with a warm handshake.
  • Every colloquium is video taped and uploaded to the internet as a free learning resource. When you come and participate you thereby give us permission and copyrights to use video and images that you are a part of.

Poster of the 6th Ninjutsu colloquium

6th Ninjutsu Colloquium in AKBAN, May 2015