1st AKBAN Seminar at Ninjutsu Akademie Hamburg

By Yossi Sheriff

1st Seminar in Hamburg took place in Yakov Schacht Honbu dojo in Germany. Yossi Sheriff, the AKBAN Academy founder showed various subjects.

Video of Yossi Sheriff teaching levels of violence in Ninjutsu

Video of Yossi Sheriff explaining Kata as a living Mudra, Randori and Methodical Pyramid

Video of Yossi Sheriff explaining 7 drills against multiple opponents, Hamburg seminar

Video of 1st, Q&A fighting at weight disadvantage

Video of 2nd, Q&A Personal Philosophy in Martial arts practice

Video How do You train your intuition, Shin Gan

Additional resources

The warm-up and pre-lesson drills and stances

Video of the Kamae and kata at the beginning of the training session

Video of the four basic drills

Video of the pre training AKBAN fitness routine