Martial Art in AKBAN

By Yossi Sheriff

The martial art taught in Akban is the result of integrating Ninjutsu with the unfortunate realities of modern warfare in Israel.

We always welcome partners and different perspectives and have slowly, maintaining high level, expanded to Greece, Germany and Canada.

Akban aims for many years of practice, we developed a gradual fitness program that can be maintained for decades and augment our training with emotional and mental regulation procedures using the Detant system.

Generations of teachers in Japan have gathered martial knowledge and maintained an eclectic system. This is our tradition. Nothing that has been handed down is forgotten, we preserve the ancient forms with stringent daily training. Major parts of the vast knowledge, including its lesser known aspects, has been documented in the world's largest martial arts encyclopaedia.

With the training model developed by the Akban Academy Headmaster, Yossi Sheriff, we are constantly integrating modern perspectives into the traditional syllabus. The discipline required to perform in emergency and to practice for many years stems from the Detant control techniques and the fitness regime forms our safety envelope.

We have already seen four generations of this study and invite you to use our open information structure for perspective, or better yet, join us.

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