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This site is a part of our Slow web philosophy. In it you will find more than 7000 pages of techniques and videos and also our gradual fitness routines – take your time, return to reread or mail us (akban [at ] akban.org) for research oriented issues. Scroll down, and on this page you can read the last week’s sessions, because that’s what we focus on – plain old practice.

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    We are The AKBAN academy, we preserve ancient knowledge of fighting, awareness and desert navigation by practicing it. on our list of publications is research in conflict methodology and analysis of traditional and modern fighting techniques. Our think tank resulted in unique research and was the cornerstone of the DETANT organisation for public sector conflict resolution.

    We train the way we like by absorbing ourselves in Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques while fearlessly researching. We don’t care about politics, political values, belt systems or Mc-dojos – what matters to us is dojo time, heart and earth, that’s it: One principle – No shortcuts.

    Sparring is in each and every lesson and so are yearly seminars with some of the world’s best teachers in Boxing, BJJ, Muai Thai, European martial arts and more. On our dojos are only 300 practitioners each year, and they take at least 12 years before a black belt. So, since 1986, we graduated only 100 black belts.

    This site is our dedication to what we love: the warrior culture, and all this is free, our respect to you.

    The Academy’s headquarters is situated in Tel Aviv, and another office is in Jerusalem. We have graduate instructors all over Israel, working in small, sparring oriented, dojos. Our recent dojo addition is in Toronto, Canada.

    It is not easy to say what makes the Akban community so robust; is it the Israeli situation, the top notch fitness? Who knows? We believe part of it is the special kind of students who choose training with us, students that get involved in incredible achievements and continue training for a lifetime. As we said, we are not sure, but we love the atmosphere, you can catch the scent of it in many of the images in our galleries or come train with us. Tel Aviv is a fun city.

    There are never guarantees that we’ll make a warrior from every new student, the only guarantee is that whatever we do, we do it with our extensive knowledge, our heart, taking no shortcuts, the way we see it.

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    Martial Arts News

    Training this week, 22-27.5.2016

    Greek instructors from AKBAN Greece will be joining us for Sunday in Jerusalem dojo and Monday in Ramat Hasharon dojo.

    This intense internship, that started last week, consists of many hours of kata, Randori and Seishin Teki Kyoyo.

    This Friday we’re having the regular session in Tel Aviv dojo. The session starts at 08:00 sharp.
    An additional whatsup will outline the syllabus.
    The Friday outside session in Jerusalem will not take place this week.

    During the week we will continue working on coupling Tai otoshi and Kata Guruma from a modified 4.1 grip.

    As a preparation for exams month and the August Blitz, we will start exploring two throws from pummeling positions.

    Video of throws from a modified 4.1 grip

    Sessions this week, 15-20.5.2016

    At Friday, 20.5.2016, 08:00 sharp, we’ll be training at the Tel-Aviv dojo.

    During the week we will do throws from the Tsuki Nagare drill and, in the veterans groups, will learn Kansetsu waza drill.
    We are on our second week of preparations for the August Blitz in August (culminating in the “120!“) and the July belt exams.
    This is the time to renew commitments to fitness and start running with our fitness course. We are preparing for a hot summer

    Video of Tsuki Nagare outside

    Weekend quote – David Foster Wallace

    1st quote

    Because here’s something else that’s true. In the day-to-day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshipping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.

    2nd quote

    From the 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address. In book here, “This is Water” or search Google for “This is water transcript”

    image CC BY-ND 2.0 by https://www.flickr.com/photos/brizzlebornandbred/
    image CC BY-ND 2.0 by brizzlebornandbred

    Sessions this week, some changes because of Memorial day

    This week, because of the Memorial day and, after it, Independence day, we will limit our training sessions.

    Sunday and Monday sessions will take place as usual.

    In Tuesday we will train in Gan Ha’atzmaut, from 18:00 till 20:00. There will not be any session in the dojo. We’ll be training 250 meters north of the Hilton Hotel and end the session at 20:00 because of the Memorial day service.

    On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday there will not be any sessions.

    I attach a video summery of the wonderful Passover seminar. These were four non-stop hours that we managed to fit into almost 6 minutes of video. We’re planing the next one soon.

    Video of AKBAN Passover 2016 seminar

    Weekend quote – Shmuel Yosef Agnon

    1st quote

    The wise men do not partake in leading the world because they know there are even wiser men and wish the world to be led by them. Meanwhile, up jump the fools and evil men and come and take the world into their hands and lead the world according to their evil and stupid ways.

    2nd quote

    From “Shira”, “שירה”, ש”י עגנון. הוצאת שוקן

    Training this week, 1-6.5.2016

    In Thursday, 5.5.2016, we will not train in the dojo. We will conduct training at Gan Ha’azmaut, 100 meters north of Hilton hotel.
    On Friday, 6.5.2016, we will conduct a regular morning session at 08:00 in Honbu dojo.

    During the week we will repeat high velocity versions of Tsuki Nagare drill and add reflex reactions. In addition to that we will get to better know the fourth timing – A Neko Damashi derivative.

    4th timing

    Video of fourth timing

    Weekend quote – Antiphilos from Byzantium

    1st quote

    Oh, would you just give me a straw mat at the bow,
    flaps above it would hiss from spray slap.
    Fire would burst between two stones,
    above it a pot would sing empty bubbles.
    Oh, if you’d show me the dirty deck boy,
    and give me a wood plank for a table, simple sail would be tablecloth,
    a game of “push-pull”, a whistle,
    the sailors’ talk.
    Such luck happened to me
    just yesterday,
    to me, the guy who likes simple things

    2nd quote

    AKBAN Seminar in Pesach

    This Tuesday, in Chol HaMoed Pesach, from 17:00 till 21:00, in Tel Aviv Dojo, we will attend in “Eser Makot” seminar (FB link). In this seminar, AKBAN veteran instructors will lead the intense 4 hour session. The instructors this time will be: Yossi Sheriff, Lior Katz, Guy Renan, Yoav Alterman, Assaf Hochman, Eli Shirian, Shmulik Bar Kana, Elad Nagar, Ra’am Manzur and Yaad Ben David.

    This is a full four hour session. Please bring: gloves, protective equipment, wood tento, hanbo, water and some snack (dates, matzo with chocolate etc. ).
    This seminar will be videoed, but reality is better.

    There will not be any sessions in Hol Hamoed Pesach, between 24-29.4.2016

    Happy holiday to all. See you there.

    Video of the 4th AKBAN colloquium

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