This site is a part of our Slow web philosophy. In it you will find more than 7000 pages of techniques and videos and also our gradual fitness routines – take your time, return to reread or mail us (akban [at ] for research oriented issues. Scroll down, and on this page you can read the last week’s sessions, because that’s what we focus on – plain old practice.

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    We are The AKBAN academy, we preserve ancient knowledge of fighting, awareness and desert navigation by practicing it. on our list of publications is research in conflict methodology and analysis of traditional and modern fighting techniques. Our think tank resulted in unique research and was the cornerstone of the DETANT organisation for public sector conflict resolution.

    We train the way we like by absorbing ourselves in Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques while fearlessly researching. We don’t care about politics, political values, belt systems or Mc-dojos – what matters to us is dojo time, heart and earth, that’s it: One principle – No shortcuts.

    Sparring is in each and every lesson and so are yearly seminars with some of the world’s best teachers in Boxing, BJJ, Muai Thai, European martial arts and more. On our dojos are only 300 practitioners each year, and they take at least 12 years before a black belt. So, since 1986, we graduated only 100 black belts.

    This site is our dedication to what we love: the warrior culture, and all this is free, our respect to you.

    The Academy’s headquarters is situated in Tel Aviv, and another office is in Jerusalem. We have graduate instructors all over Israel, working in small, sparring oriented, dojos. Our recent dojo addition is in Toronto, Canada.

    It is not easy to say what makes the Akban community so robust; is it the Israeli situation, the top notch fitness? Who knows? We believe part of it is the special kind of students who choose training with us, students that get involved in incredible achievements and continue training for a lifetime. As we said, we are not sure, but we love the atmosphere, you can catch the scent of it in many of the images in our galleries or come train with us. Tel Aviv is a fun city.

    There are never guarantees that we’ll make a warrior from every new student, the only guarantee is that whatever we do, we do it with our extensive knowledge, our heart, taking no shortcuts, the way we see it.

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    Martial Arts News

    Ninjutsu training this week, 11-16.10.2015

    We are continuing with Ninjutsu arm-locks, and this week with an emphasis on Ukemi, falling, skills, so we can improve our abilities in Kanstsu waza and Nage waza.

    The wide technical front that we tackled last year forces us to devote time to repeat what we have learned, so please bring your gloves and protective equipment.

    The Famous Four AKBAN knife drill will not be neglected. Not only it give us a level of assurance in the terror attacks our community experienced last week, but the drill is an excellent tool for distance and timing in tai sabaki.

    In two weeks time, at 20.10.2015, we will have a fantastic seminar with the headmaster of the biggest Ninjutsu academy in Europe, Yakov Schacht. Get ready.


    Video of Oni Kudaki shoulder break

    Video of Ura Oni Kudaki shoulder break

    Video of Waki Gatame elbow break

    Ninjutsu sessions, 4-9.10.2015

    After the weapon seminars in Sukkot, in continue in our regular beginning of year syllabus. This week, starting from Tuesday, we will repeat the Ninjutsu armlocks and achieve some of them from striking distance. Please do not forget to bring punching gloves.

    In the veterans’ groups we will learn new, advanced knife drills while referencing to Gyokko ryu kata.

    Video of basic Ninjutsu armlocks

    AKBAN seminars in Sukkot, 27.9-1.10.2015

    We are emphasizing traditional weapons at the start of this training year. During the Sukkot holiday we will continue to practice sword, short stick and knife techniques.
    The seminars are constructed so that trainees have a stratified routine to take home and practice with. The last part, on Friday, will be videoed for future reference.
    Please use Waze app in Friday because of the Tel Aviv Bicycle race. We start all training sessions earlier, so calculate times accordingly.

    Seminar schedules

    With the dojo-cho permission, all seminars are open to all AKBAN students.

    AKBAN schedule Sukkot 2015

    September 24, 2015
    Author: Yossi Sheriff, Quotation

    Weekend quote – Thomas Jefferson

    1st quote

    I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and Constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times.

    We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.

    2nd quote

    Training this week, 20-25.9.2015

    This Friday, 25.9.2015, at 08:00, in AKBAN Tel Aviv, we will have the second weapon seminar for this year (link to FB event). Teachers at the seminar will be Ra’am Manzur, Ya’ad Ben David and me. We will teach knife (segment one), Katana (segment two) and Hanbo (segment two). The seminar is open to all AKBAN practitioners.

    There will not be training sessions at the eve of Yom Kipur (Tuesday, 22.9.2015) and at the night of Yom Kipur (Wednesday, 23.9.2015).

    At Sunday, Monday and Thursday we will train as usual.

    I wish you ‘Gmar hatima tova’.

    Video of levels of violence in stick fighting

    Training this week, 13-18.9.2015

    Happy New Hebrew Year.

    This week, because of Rosh Hashana holiday, there will not be regular training sessions in Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

    In Wednesday, we train as usual in AKBAN Jerusalem and in Thursday we will train as usual in AKBAN Tel Aviv.

    This year we will have an extended course dedicated to weapons. We will have the first seminar in this series (101-7-1), this Friday, 18.9.2015, in Tel Aviv dojo. We will start exactly at 08:00 and introduce the following weapons: Sword, flexible weapons, stick and knife.

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