This site is a part of our Slow web philosophy. In it you will find more than 7000 pages of techniques and videos and also our gradual fitness routines – take your time, return to reread or mail us (akban [at ] for research oriented issues. Scroll down, and on this page you can read the last week’s sessions, because that’s what we focus on – plain old practice.

We are The AKBAN academy, on our list of publications is research in conflict methodology and analysis of traditional and modern fighting techniques. Our think tank resulted in unique research and was the cornerstone of the DETANT organisation for public sector conflict resolution.

We train the way we like by absorbing ourselves in Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques while fearlessly researching. We don’t care about politics, political values, belt systems or Mc-dojos – what matters to us is dojo time, heart and earth, that’s it: One principle – No shortcuts.

Sparring is in each and every lesson and so are yearly seminars with some of the world’s best teachers in Boxing, BJJ, Muai Thai, European martial arts and more. On our dojos are only 300 practitioners each year, and they take at least 12 years before a black belt. So, since 1986, we graduated only 100 black belts.

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This site is our dedication to what we love: the warrior culture, and all this is free, our respect to you.

The Academy’s headquarters is situated in Tel Aviv, and another office is in Jerusalem. We have graduate instructors all over Israel, working in small, sparring oriented, dojos. Our recent dojo addition is in Toronto, Canada.

It is not easy to say what makes the Akban community so robust; is it the Israeli situation, the top notch fitness? Who knows? We believe part of it is the special kind of students who choose training with us, students that get involved in incredible achievements and continue training for a lifetime. As we said, we are not sure, but we love the atmosphere, you can catch the scent of it in many of the images in our galleries or come train with us. Tel Aviv is a fun city.

There are never guarantees that we’ll make a warrior from every new student, the only guarantee is that whatever we do, we do it with our extensive knowledge, our heart, taking no shortcuts, the way we see it.

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Martial Arts News

4th Ninjutsu colloquium tomorrow

We’ll work together tomorrow morning, 25.7.2014, 08:00-10:00, at AKBAN Tel Aviv, Hayarkon 294 St. Tel Aviv on our 4th Ninjutsu colloquium.

The timing is not perfect, some of us got drafted for service and our dojo has got it’s share of rocket bombs, but this is what we do…

If you hear about AKBAN colloquiums for the first time, here’s a summery: We take apart a traditional Ninjutsu technique or principle and analyse these with scientific tools, we then incorporate the results into the syllabus with the Methodical Pyramid.

If you can not come tomorrow please take care. For those that will, I’ll be there too.

4th AKBAN Ninjutsu colloquium

Training this week, 20-25.7.2014

We are training as usual and in Jerusalem we will be at the Tedi Stadium dojo.
We will be working with more advanced Belt grades techniques, including First police hold, sequences of kicks and advanced throws, Kibisu Gaeshi included.

This Friday, 25.7.2014, at 08:00, we will meet in Tel Aviv dojo for our fourth colloquium this year. Take care.

Ninjutsu training this week, 13-17.7.2014

This week we will train as usual even though we’ll probably experience rocket fire again. The Jerusalem dojo will be moving back to Tedi stadium dojo till the end of this small war. We have top-grade bomb shelter on the Tedi center ground floor. We also opened up the bomb shelter in Ramat Hasharon dojo and it will allow us a quick response just in case.
To the point. We are continuing this week our recap of the technical requirements for the Ninjutsu grade tests. We will focus on throws and shoulder arm locks.
I still don’t know if we will be doing Niradin weapon training because of some rental issues.
Stay safe, breath deeply and don’t flinch.
See you in the dojo.

Weekend quote – Gingi Han

1st quote

Signs that warn: “beware of pickpockets” are a favorite hangout of pickpockets. They base their felony on fear derived attention. It’s the best place to know where valuables are. People will always touch the place when they see the sign.
When one looks deeper one sees different reality.

2nd quote
Taken with permission from Wasifat Salata Min Binat Gishrit By Gingi Han

Rocket attacks on Tel Aviv and Jerusalem dojo – Back to bomb shelter in Jerusalem from Sunday

The Jerusalem session today at the Wohl Rose Park is cancelled and we will return and train at the regular Tedi dojo from Sunday till the end of this small war – we’ll train at the summer hours 18:00-20:00. This precaution is due to the rocket attacks on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

The Wohl Rose Park is the greatest place to train at, but it lacks a bomb shelter at a running distance, I checked… So today’s session is off and we start this Sunday at the Tedi dojo, 10 seconds walk from top-grade bomb shelter.

Training will go on.
Please be safe, AKBAN veterans! Keep training!

בילבו באגינס

Ninjutsu sessions this week, 6-10.7.2014

This week we will repeat and correct the material for Yellow belt in Ninjutsu and the techniques for Orange belt.
The Jerusalem group will work in Wohl Rose Park, Gan Havradim top meadow, near the Supreme court building.
We will not have a Sword-Niradin session this week.

Shmulik Bar Kana has a limited number of the new AKBAN T-shirts.

new AKBAN T shirt 2
new AKBAN T shirt
Shmulik Bar Kana has a limited number of the new AKBAN T-shirts.

Weekend quote – Sozan & Tadamasa (From T. Legget)

1st quote

Tademasa, a senior retainer of Hōjō Takatoki (北条 高時) the regent, had the Buddhist name Anzan (quite mountain). He was a keen Zen follower and for twenty-three years came and went to the meditation hall for layman at Kenchō-ji (建長寺). When the fighting broke out everywhere at 1331, he was wounded in one engagement, but in spite of the pain galloped to Kenchō-ji to see Sozan, the 27th teacher there. A tea ceremony was going on at Kenchō-ji, and the teacher seeing the man in armor come in, quickly put a teacup in front of him and said, ‘How is this?’

The warrior at once crushed it under his foot and said, ‘Heaven and earth broken up altogether’.

The teacher said, When heaven earth are broken up, how is it with you?’

Anzan stood with his hands crossed over his breast. The teacher hit him, and he involuntarily cried out from the pain of his wounds.

The teacher said, ‘Heaven and earth not quite broken up yet.’

The drum sounded from the camp across the mountain, and Tademasa galloped quickly back. The next evening he came again, covered with blood, to sees the teacher. The teacher came out and said again,
‘When heaven and earth are broken up, how is it with you?’

Anzan, supporting himself on his blood stained sword, gave a great Katzu! (special Zen Kiai) and died standing in front of the teacher.

kōan: When heaven and earth are broken up, how is it with you?

From The Warrior Koans: Early Zen in Japan, Translated and edited by Trevor Leggett
2nd quote

Karazu Tengu from Kencho ji

Karazu Tengu from Kenchō-ji

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