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This site is a part of our Slow web philosophy. In it you will find more than 7000 pages of techniques and videos and also our gradual fitness routines – take your time, return to reread or mail us (akban [at ] akban.org) for research oriented issues. Scroll down, and on this page you can read the last week’s sessions, because that’s what we focus on – plain old practice.

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    We are The AKBAN academy, we preserve ancient knowledge of fighting, awareness and desert navigation by practicing it. on our list of publications is research in conflict methodology and analysis of traditional and modern fighting techniques. Our think tank resulted in unique research and was the cornerstone of the DETANT organisation for public sector conflict resolution.

    We train the way we like by absorbing ourselves in Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques while fearlessly researching. We don’t care about politics, political values, belt systems or Mc-dojos – what matters to us is dojo time, heart and earth, that’s it: One principle – No shortcuts.

    Sparring is in each and every lesson and so are yearly seminars with some of the world’s best teachers in Boxing, BJJ, Muai Thai, European martial arts and more. On our dojos are only 300 practitioners each year, and they take at least 12 years before a black belt. So, since 1986, we graduated only 100 black belts.

    This site is our dedication to what we love: the warrior culture, and all this is free, our respect to you.

    The Academy’s headquarters is situated in Tel Aviv, and another office is in Jerusalem. We have graduate instructors all over Israel, working in small, sparring oriented, dojos. Our recent dojo addition is in Toronto, Canada.

    It is not easy to say what makes the Akban community so robust; is it the Israeli situation, the top notch fitness? Who knows? We believe part of it is the special kind of students who choose training with us, students that get involved in incredible achievements and continue training for a lifetime. As we said, we are not sure, but we love the atmosphere, you can catch the scent of it in many of the images in our galleries or come train with us. Tel Aviv is a fun city.

    There are never guarantees that we’ll make a warrior from every new student, the only guarantee is that whatever we do, we do it with our extensive knowledge, our heart, taking no shortcuts, the way we see it.

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    Martial Arts News

    Sessions this week, 19-24.6.2016

    This Thursday we will have an outside session in Gan Ha’azmaut, north of the Hilton hotel.

    In Friday there will be a seminar in Tel Aviv honbu dojo. I still do not know about the Jerusalem Friday session I’ll send a whatsapp update later this week.

    In the various dojo we will be adding more throws and locks to our syllabus, preparing for July exams.

    Video of throws for the exams

    Weekend quote – David Livingstone

    1st quote

    When in the act of ramming down the bullets I heard a shout. Starting, and looking half round, I saw the lion just in the act of springing upon me. I was upon a little height; he caught my shoulder as he sprang, and we both came to the ground below together. Growling horribly close to my ear, he shook me as a terrier dog does a rat. The shock produces a stupor similar to that which seems to be felt by a mouse after the first shake of the cat. It caused a sort of dreaminess, in which there was no sense of pain nor feeling of terror, though quite conscious of all that was happening. It was like what patients partially under the influence of chloroform describe, who see all the operation, but feel not the knife. This singular condition was not the result of any mental process. The shake annihilated fear, and allowed no sense of horror in looking round at the beast. This peculiar state is probably produced in all animals killed by carnivora; and if so, is a merciful provision by our benevolent Creator for lessening the pain of death.

    From: The Ladies’ Companion, and Monthly Magazine, Webb Loudon, Bradbury and Evans, 1858

    2nd quote

Cow (Swiss Braunvieh breed), below Fuorcla Sesvenna in the Engadin, Switzerland.
cc Daniel Schwer
    Image CC BY-SA 3.0 Daniel Schwer

    Training this week, 12-17.6.2016

    Please write this down, there are some changes in schedule this week.

    1. The DETANT workshop will take place at July the 1st.
    2. Tuesday session will take place in Gan Ha’azmaut, north of the Hilton hotel, from 18:-20:30. Please bring punching gloves.
    3. The Sunday session in Jerusalem dojo will not take place due to the Holiday.
    4. At Friday, 17.6.2016, at 08:00, in Tel Aviv Honbu dojo we will have a seminar.
    5. I will send a Whatsup update about the Jerusalem Friday session. I still do not know if it will take place.

    At the training front we will be advancing in two paths: closing gaps in the preparation for belt exams in July, and preparing for the Blitz month. In addition to the techniques we will be learning, we will start fitness work combined with extensive striking drills – all this in accordance with the AKBAN fitness regime. This is the time to start running and improve general fitness, we intend to finish these three months in top shape.

    To sum it up, less technical exploration, more basics and fighting spirit!

    See you.

    Video of three kata from Koto Ryu

    Weekend quote – Jasper Kirkby

    1st quote

    Ions from Galactic cosmic rays increase the nucleation rate by one to two orders of magnitude compared with neutral nucleation.
    ~ Trees might be able to exert some level of control over how often they’re watered by clouds

    From Kirkby et al. Ion-induced nucleation of pure biogenic particles, Nature 533, 521–526 (26 May 2016) dos:10.1038/nature17953
    2nd quote

    GREEN MANSIONS from Mickey Todiwala on Vimeo.

    Sessions this week, 5-10.6.2016

    This Friday we will have a special session in Tel Aviv dojo. I will write during the week about the Jerusalem session.

    This week we will repeat armlocks on two levels of work: the first, accurate, fast locks for the exams this July, the second level will start a cycle of locks for street situations.

    Joint locks in AKBAN

    Sessions this week, 29.5-2.6.2016

    This Friday there will not be a session in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem dojos.

    Another step on our way to the Blitz month, during the week we will continue introducing ground techniques, hone our special Kata Guruma Sutemi nage and improve fitness through a variation of the Tsuki Nagare drill.

    The second group in Tel Aviv, (Tuesday 20:00), will do, among advanced randori preparation, striking drills. Please bring your punching gloves for the atemi.

    The second Wednesday training session in Jerusalem (19:30) will be advanced Kata application. Teachers will be Zvica and Yoav. Here’s a link to the event on Facebook.

    Video of an ancient poem, with Elad and Yoni

    Weekend Quote – Carlos Castaneda

    1st quote

    Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore, a warrior must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if he feels that he should not follow it, he must not stay with it under any conditions. His decision to keep on that path or to leave it must be free of fear or ambition. He must look at every path closely and deliberately. There is a question that a warrior has to ask, mandatorily: ‘Does this path have a heart?’ (1)

    All paths are the same: they lead nowhere. However, a path without a heart is never enjoyable. On the other hand, a path with heart is easy—it does not make a warrior work at liking it; it makes for a joyful journey; as long as a man follows it, he is one with it. (1)

    A warrior chooses a path with heart, any path with heart, and follows it; and then he rejoices and laughs. He knows because he sees that his life will be over altogether too soon. He sees that nothing is more important than anything else. (2)

    (1) The Teachings of Don Juan – Carlos Castaneda
    (2) A Separate reality – Carlos Castaneda
    2nd quote

    A father, daughter and friend at Kibbutz Shoval, Israel, circa 1961. From “Homeward Bound.”
Credit Misa Rusek
    Image credit: Misa Rusek, “A father, daughter and friend at Kibbutz Shoval”, Israel, circa 1961. From “Homeward Bound.”

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