This site is a part of our Slow web philosophy. In it you will find more than 7000 pages of techniques and videos and also our gradual fitness routines – take your time, return to reread or mail us (akban [at ] for research oriented issues. Scroll down, and on this page you can read the last week’s sessions, because that’s what we focus on – plain old practice.

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  • We are The AKBAN academy, we preserve ancient knowledge of fighting, awareness and desert navigation by practicing it. on our list of publications is research in conflict methodology and analysis of traditional and modern fighting techniques. Our think tank resulted in unique research and was the cornerstone of the DETANT organisation for public sector conflict resolution.

    We train the way we like by absorbing ourselves in Japanese Bujinkan Ninjutsu techniques while fearlessly researching. We don’t care about politics, political values, belt systems or Mc-dojos – what matters to us is dojo time, heart and earth, that’s it: One principle – No shortcuts.

    Sparring is in each and every lesson and so are yearly seminars with some of the world’s best teachers in Boxing, BJJ, Muai Thai, European martial arts and more. On our dojos are only 300 practitioners each year, and they take at least 12 years before a black belt. So, since 1986, we graduated only 100 black belts.

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    This site is our dedication to what we love: the warrior culture, and all this is free, our respect to you.

    The Academy’s headquarters is situated in Tel Aviv, and another office is in Jerusalem. We have graduate instructors all over Israel, working in small, sparring oriented, dojos. Our recent dojo addition is in Toronto, Canada.

    It is not easy to say what makes the Akban community so robust; is it the Israeli situation, the top notch fitness? Who knows? We believe part of it is the special kind of students who choose training with us, students that get involved in incredible achievements and continue training for a lifetime. As we said, we are not sure, but we love the atmosphere, you can catch the scent of it in many of the images in our galleries or come train with us. Tel Aviv is a fun city.

    There are never guarantees that we’ll make a warrior from every new student, the only guarantee is that whatever we do, we do it with our extensive knowledge, our heart, taking no shortcuts, the way we see it.

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    Martial Arts News

    Training this week + BJJ seminar

    This Thursday, 26.2.2015, 18:00, we will have a BJJ seminar with Amir Haimi Sensei. Amir is an AKBAN Sandan and an Alan Moraes (Rio) BJJ black belt.
    Amir will teach, BJJ techniques aimed at improving our Ninjutsu randori level. Here’s a link to the FB event page

    We will not have a Friday seminar, or lesson, this week, because of the Tel Aviv Marathon. I wish good luck to participating AKBAN runners.

    During the week we will work on 5 basic approaches against multiple opponents.

    Training this week and ground fighting seminar

    Being a well rounded fighter is a priority for the first 10 years in AKBAN academy.

    This Thursday, 19.2.2015, 18:00 and at Friday, 20.2.2015, 08:00, we will have a BJJ seminar with Amir Haimi Sensei. Amir is an AKBAN Sandan and an Alan Moraes (Rio) BJJ black belt.
    Amir will teach, in two concentrated days, BJJ techniques aimed at improving our Ninjutsu randori level. The price for one part of the seminar is 90 NIS and for the two parts we have a special AKBAN members price of 120 NIS. Here’s a link to the FB event page

    At Saturday, 21.2.2015, we will have a special outdoor skills seminar with Yoni Ben For, an AKBAN Shodan and a specialist in outdoor survival and plant based medicine. (link to the FB event page)

    At the week before the seminars, on the regular schedule, we will work on one kata of Fudo Ryu. At the Combat kata groups we will concentrate on two Kukishinden Ryu kata.

    Weekend quote – Gingi Han

    1st quote

    The three roots of the teacher’s work in martial arts are:
    Kata, Randori and Mondo.

    Kata is the pattern, the seal of order.
    Randori is the meeting place of chaos and order.
    Mondo is a framework to explain to the thinking part what is happening in the doing part.

    These roots must be watered by constant respect, respect for others, respect for the insights and respect for one’s own constituents.

    2nd quote

    From: Wasifat Salata Min Binat Gishrit

    Bonzai by Rodrigo Sousa
    Image CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 by Rodrigo Sousa

    This week in training, 8-12.2.2015

    This week we will not have an ECR session.

    At the groups we will continue practicing three subjects: Entering in 4.3 combo, preparing for Amir Haimi Sensei ground fighting seminar (event page) and combining killer kicks.

    At the combat kata groups we will repeat the kata we learned last week.

    Video of a kick to the head

    Ninjutsu training this week, 1-6.2.2015

    This Friday, 6.6.2015, we will have Edge combat research group in honbu dojo.

    We are starting the preparation for Amir Haimi Sensei (Alan Moraes BJJ Black Belt, AKBAN Sandan) that will happen in two weeks. We will use Togakure Ryu ground sabaki as a physical preparation. Here’s a link to event page on Facebook.

    In all the groups we will hone Nage waza approaches against clinch from two perspectives – the Kukishinden Ryu and the Fudo Ryu perspective.

    In the Combat Kata groups we will try to finish learning 3 remaining kata from the Shirabe Moguri gata level.

    Video of a throw as a reaction to clinch situation

    Weekend quote – Isaiah Berlin

    1st quote
    The search for a single, overarching ideal because it is the one and only true one for humanity, invariably leads to coercion. And then to destruction, blood—eggs are broken, but the omelette is not in sight, there is only an infinite number of eggs, human lives, ready for the breaking. And in the end the passionate idealists forget the omelette, and just go on breaking eggs.
    1st quote

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