Akban Martial Arts Academy – About

AKBAN Honbu Dojo - Old school, combat oriented Ninjutsu
AKBAN (光番), guardian of light, is an old school Ninjutsu academy based in Israel.

AKBAN teaches combat oriented Bujinkan Ninjutsu as a way of life since 1985. Our no nonsense attitude, is the learning place of more than 100 veteran black belts and no more then 300 students in all the AKBAN dojos. This site is the largest encyclopedia of combat Ninjutsu techniques and conflict methodology.

AKBAN veterans learn conflict managment and prevention through the learning processes developed at the DETANT organisation.

Our way of training enables:

  1. Superb fitness – gradual program written by Yossi Sheriff
  2. Many years of full contact realistic training
  3. A wide knowledge of many martial arts.

Founding the iron clad discipline and fitness are our most valuable assets – respect for our students, respect for our ancient heritage.

Yossi Sheriff is the Akban academy headmaster and a Bujinkan 5th Dan (1991). The academy was founded by Sheriff in 1986.

Using the name AKBAN

Our school does not work like a fast food franchise, it works like Universities do.
Every instructor enjoys full independence while teaching the techniques that lead to a Black belt. This independence comes with full responsibility of each instructor over his own dojo. Thus, each instructor can bring into fruition a personal perspective and abilities and contribute his knowledge to the technical data base that forms the AKBAN database.
Choosing whether to give the name AKBAN is a personal creed of the head of each dojo who is also a student in central dojo under Yossi Sheriff.
The instructor leads his dojo, but chooses to continue and develop as a part of a community that follows the ethical code of AKBAN.

About ten instructors teach in Dojos in Israel and Canada.

If we could tell you just one thing about our effort it’s this: When we began it took about seven years to gather the technical expertise to qualify for a black belt exam, of course, with no guaranty one will pass. Since then we upped our knowledge, not only of Ninjutsu techniques but of the Martial arts needed for our veterans in order to be well rounded warriors. It now takes, at least, eleven to twelve years to qualify for a black belt exam in Budo Ninjutsu.

We base our Martial arts knowledge and practice on the methodical pyramid model. Good friendship and all-round expertise created the Akban-wiki.

The Akban mon is two phoenix birds intertwined. The phoenixes, creatures that disappear in fire and return every thousand years, symbolize the preservation and practice of ancient knowledge. Budo Ninjutsu is a martial art that originated hundreds of years ago. We guard it’s essence with constant practice and research.

The two phoenixes depict the power and harmony that stem from communion of opposites: Man and environment, tradition and research, extreme activity and meditation, opponents and defenders.

Along the communion of opposites, the beaks of the creature create the shape of a heart to remind us the most important reason of the martial art we are doing – guarding our humane hearts, guarding the people dear to us, guarding peace.

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