About the AKBAN wiki

The AKBAN wiki is one of the largest Martial arts data bases on the internet. We have 5,921 Pages in the AKBAN wiki, 1,892 video techniques and articles, 250 martial arts' images uploaded, 2 admins, one of them is sole the editor these days.

In our academy, AKBAN, we think that martial arts are a vast sub-culture with different lineages, perspectives and goals. This martial arts wiki is our effort to document and discover the hidden links.

I am the AKBAN academy headmaster. Nobody is sponsoring this project, no products are sold - I finance, but mainly write, this decades long project. I film and document not just Ninjutsu and Ninjutsu techniques but martial arts that intersect with it. The videos are uploaded to various CDNs with a creative commons license, so you can use the videos non-commercially. From 2011 I will focus solely on my art. Ninjutsu syllabus is so vast that I haven't covered more than a third of it.
Yossi Sheriff
Yossi Sheriff

Few words about Ninjutsu, the core martial art that we practice in Akban. Ninjutsu is a traditional mixed martial art, it is eclectic in the best sense: Teachers in our line, Takamatsu den, have collected not only techniques but whole systems (Ryuha). In AKBAN I have been preserving our Kata while practicing other disciplines that improve our combat skills.

This wiki is expanding slowly, I am probably the sole contributor now, but it already includes thousands of articles and videos. I am always around to mail advice or correct my own errors. If you are up to it, you can apply for an Akban-wiki editor position or just say hello on our intimate facebook page.

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Welcome to AKBAN wiki

The most comprehensive Ninjutsu techniques source. Period.

Belts - Yellow belt to 5th Dan image yellowimage black
Combat Ninjutsu exam requirements from admission to graduation

Recent Ninjutsu training sessions
Ninjutsu training and moves
Daily video from Yossi Sheriff

Ninjutsu combat stances - Kamae
image for index, kamae
Proper stances and uses

Ninjutsu joint locks and armlocks
image for index, lock
Control, breakage or spraining

Ninjutsu throws and takedowns
Ninjutsu throws
Off balancing and takedowns

Ninjutsu Kicks
Ninjutsu kicks
Using the legs to injure

Ninjutsu strikes
Ninjutsu punches
Hitting to control or knockout

traditional weapons
Japanese sword, stick, chain and Kunai

Ninjutsu movement - Sabaki
taijutsu sabaki
Evasion, closing the distance, rolls and breakfalls

Ninjutsu Techniques by Ryu: Takamatsu den ancient systems

image for takamatsu den

Few Ryu are missing, but I am working on it.

I have started documenting other Martial arts on this wiki


Muai Thai, Tai boxing

BJJ, Brazilian Jujitsu


Weekly video