What does a Ninjutsu lesson in AKBAN look like

By Yossi Sheriff

How does a training session in AKBAN look? What do we actually do every session? ( איך נראה שיעור נינג'יטסו באקבן)

Well, the short answer is that there is no set pattern. Instructors who graduate AKBAN vary in their perspectives and this pluralism is something that we like a lot.

If you want an up to date view of lessons in some dojos you can visit the Ninjutsu lessons in video category on this wiki.

At many Ninjutsu sessions we start with the basic Ninjutsu kata that are important to the group. We then proceed to a rather rigorous fitness and power routine, do rolls and break falls and only then get to the business and start learning and improving techniques.

At the end of each training session we spar (randori).

So this page is only a brief example. As one can see on our wiki, the syllabus we cover is huge and training sessions vary.

Video of the Kamae and kata at the beginning of the training session

Video of the four basic drills

Video of the pre training AKBAN fitness routine

Video of front and back rolls

Video of a several grappling and locking techniques

Video of striking and movement techniques

Video of end of the lesson sparring