Unnamed kata

By Yossi Sheriff
Featured Kata from ancient ninjutsu
Man empi
Te hodoki
Musha dori
Tsuke iri - inserting the stick

Video of the technique

tsvikal: I think that the first kata is a henka of the "fubi" kata from fudo ryu

name is missing, kata 1

This is a variation of seto from koto ryu Yossi

I don't think this is seto, and if it is, from what ryu?

This is the same as from your Setto on the Koto Ryu pages only done from tsuki. Take care!

thanksYossi <akbanvid>code</akbanvid>

The top kata looks like a version of Hissaku, I could be wrong.

  • We were looking at it, maybe you're right. anyway, we'll be taking the whole bunch of katas again in video. We are not too happy with most of them. Pity we do not have a Japanese Shihan to go over them all and correct us (or maybe better, video the kata) Yossi

name is missing, kata 3

name is missing, kata 4